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Damien of Moloka’i   (poem, Dec 17)

He Thinks about His Ratings   (poem, Oct 17)

Alone in the Woods   (poem, Oct 17)

Vital Signs   (poem, Oct 17)

What If   (poem, Sep 17)

Summertime, the Year’s Reward   (lyric, Aug 17)

Sleep   (poem, Jul 17)

Title   (poem, Jun 17)

Grass   (poem, May 17)

Vichy   (poem, Apr 17)

The Goobers   (poem, Mar 17)

Our Haloes   (poem, Jan 17)

Cobalt Blue   (poem, Jan 17)

January Thaw   (poem, Jan 17)

Traces   (poem, Dec 16)

Trail Boss   (lyric, Dec 16)

Uncle   (poem, Nov 16)

The Art of the Spiel   (poem, Nov 16)

Sari Wilson, Girl Through Glass   (introduction, Oct 16)

Unpacking   (poem, Oct 16)

A Well-Curated Life   (lyric, Aug 16)

In   (poem, Aug 16)

Dog Days   (poem, July 16)

Home   (poem, Jul 16)

Citizen   (poem, Jul 16)

Chemo Brain   (poem, Jun 16)

Inventions   (poem, Jun 16)

In the Woods   (poem, Jun 16)

Harbor Pilot   (poem, May 16)

They’re Mating Out There   (poem, May 16)

Prompt   (poem, May 16)

Graduation   (poem, May 16)

Patience   (poem, Apr 16)

Analogies   (lyric, Mar 16)

The Crusader's Last Song   (poem, Mar 16)

Snow   (poem, Mar 16)

In the Dead Sea   (poem, Feb 16)

Living with Cold   (poem, Feb 16)

In the Blizzard   (poem, Jan 16)

The Float Plane   (poem, Jan 16)

Perfectly Good   (lyric, Jan 16)

Bandwagon (Patriotic Hymn)   (lyric, Dec 15)

The Spoils of Jerusalem   (poem, Dec 15)

New England Autumn Suite   (poem, Nov 15)

Air Conditioning   (poem, Jul 15)

These Are Not the Blues   (lyric, Jul 15)

Position Available   (poem, Jun 15)

She Rows   (poem, Jun 15)

Perfect   (poem, Jun 15)

Green   (poem, May 15)

I Lost My Journal Once   (poem, May 15)

Rewilding the Golf Course   (poem, Apr 15)

Hardware   (poem, Mar 15)

A Toast to San Patricio   (lyric, Mar 15)

Dreams   (poem, Mar 15)

By the Time I Met Her Father   (poem, Jan 15)

Carol   (lyric, Jan 15)

The Solitude of the Loris   (poem, Jan 15)

Auld Lang Syne   (poem, Jan 15)

Ugly Girls   (lyric, Dec 14)

Muse Ecology . . .   (poem, Nov 14)

Cowards   (poem, Nov 14)

Accidents   (poem, Oct 14)

Pulse   (poem, Oct 14)

A Toast   (poem, Sep 14)

Nineteenth Century Canvasses   (poem, Sep 14)

The Waiting Room   (poem, Sep 14)

Kolelemook   (poem, Sep 14)

The Poisoner’s Song   (poem, Aug 14)

July 8   (poem, Jul 14)

The Soddy   (poem, Jun 14)

Why there are so few really good poems about acid   (poem, Jun 14)

The Audacity of the Jaguar   (poem, Mar 14)

Brattleboro Cross-Country Confidential   (blog, Feb 14)

Preparation   (poem, Jan 14)

Amerigo Vespucci   (poem, Dec 13)

Weather   (poem, Dec 13)

Paying the Rent on Time   (lyric, Dec 13)

The Golden Sofa   (poem, Nov 13)

Learning to Love November   (poem, Nov 13)

Paging Doctor Bebop   (poem, Nov 13)

Supermarket   (poem, Oct 13)

Of Making Books   (poem, Oct 13)

So This Is What Losing You Is Like   (lyric, Sep 13)

Working on My Tan   (lyric, Sep 13)

Looking Out for Mister D   (lyric, Sep 13)

Resistance   (lyric, Sep 13)

Sculling   (poem, Aug 13)

Beachcombers   (poem, Jul 13)

Contact   (poem, Jul 13)

The Importance of Vowels   (poem, Jul 13)

Amongst Us   (poem, Jul 13)

My Friend   (poem, Jul 13)

Casino   (poem, Jun 13)

Traffic Stop   (poem, May 13)

At Sea   (poem, May 13)

Reptiles   (poem, Apr 13)

My Phone   (poem, Apr 13)

Attending   (poem, Apr 13)

Hot Cherry Pie   (poem, Mar 13)

A Rose for the Reluctant   (poem, Feb 13)

Psalm   (poem, Feb 13)

Midwinter Rain   (poem, Jan 13)

Jubilee Blues   (poem, Jan 13)

A Little Something for Your Stocking   (poem, Dec 12)

Centralia   (poem, Dec 12)

It   (poem, Nov 12)

Family   (poem, Nov 12)

Election Day   (poem, Nov 12)

Sun Kisses   (poem, Oct 12)

Rodeo   (poem, Oct 12)

On the Stump   (poem, Oct 12)

Waiting in Line at the Liquor Store   (poem, Oct 12)

Shooting Star   (poem, Sep 12)

On the Bus   (poem, Sep 12)

Why I Root for the New York Yankees   (poem, Sep 12)

Outside of Town   (poem, Aug 12)

Play Me the Blues   (poem, Jul 12)

Pruning   (poem, Jul 12)

Grief   (poem, Jun 12)

The Transit of Venus   (poem, Jun 12)

The Vineyard   (poem, May 12)

Nantucket   (poem, May 12)

Crows   (poem, May 12)

Passchendaele   (poem, May 12)

Pedestal   (poem, May 12)

Weird   (poem, Apr 12)

Math Anxiety   (poem, Apr 12)

Upon Learning of a Book Called   (poem, Mar 12)

Surrender   (poem, Mar 12)

Snowless Winter   (poem, Feb 12)

St. David’s Head   (poem, Feb 12)

Grease Monkey   (poem, Jan 12)

The View from Black Mountain   (poem, Jan 12)

The Signalman’s Story   (poem, Dec 11)

The Champ   (poem, Dec 11)

But in my dream   (poem, Nov 11)

What We Get   (poem, Oct 11)

The View from Hinsdale Bridge   (poem, Oct 11)

Picture This   (poem, Oct 11)

Mother Dulcimer   (poem, Sep 11)

The Towers   (poem, Sep 11)

Chemo   (poem, Sep 11)

First Night   (poem, Aug 11)

PET Scan   (poem, Aug 11)

From Dartmouth-Hitchcock   (poem, Aug 11)

Biopsy   (poem, Jul 11)

CAT Scan   (poem, Jul 11)

Bat Boy Heavy   (poem, Jul 11)

From Windmill Hill   (poem, Jun 11)

Brown   (poem, Jun 11)

The Tell   (poem, May 11)

Landscape   (poem, May 11)

Those Pictures   (poem, May 11)

The Vice President’s Dream   (poem, Apr 11)

Cross-Country Skiing: A Primer   (poem, Mar 11)

Astrology   (poem, Mar 11)

Mr. McPhee’s Class   (poem, Mar 11)

The Five Buddha Ring   (poem, Feb 11)

On the Playground   (poem, Feb 11)

Editor   (poem, Dec 10)

Khao-I-Dang   (poem, Dec 10)

Desire   (poem, Dec 10)

Gratitude   (poem, Nov 10)

Indoor Movies   (poem, Nov 10)

Reckless   (poem, Oct 10)

The Two Girls   (poem, Oct 10)

Carolyn’s Table   (poem, Sep 10)

Polly Song   (poem, Sep 10)

Old Rick’s Gold Room   (poem, Sep 10)

Garden Boy   (poem, Aug 10)

Laguna Honda   (poem, Aug 10)

Beauty   (poem, Aug 10)

Alcova, 1971   (poem, Jul 10)

The Merry Dancers   (poem, Jul 10)

Pride   (poem, Jun 10)

Math Teacher   (poem, Jun 10)

Brother Number One Reflects   (poem, Jun 10)

Lunch   (poem, May 10)

Easter Eggs   (poem, May 10)

Pen Pal   (poem, May 10)

Castaway   (poem, Feb 10)

The Dash Between   (poem, Feb 10)

Mickey at the Rail   (poem, Feb 10)

The First Time We Parted   (poem, Jan 10)

Mule Deer   (poem, Dec 09)

The First Time I Awoke Beside You   (poem, Dec 09)

Volunteer   (poem, Nov 09)

The House of Everything Wrong   (poem, Nov 09)

Summer Job   (poem, Nov 09)

ars poetica   (poem, Oct 09)

The Ash-Blue House a Little Off Dark Lane   (poem, Oct 09)

DSM-IV   (poem, Oct 09)

The Brace   (poem, Oct 09)

Baron Wormser, Twice   (two introductions, Oct 09)

The Voice of America   (poem, Sep 09)

A Prayer for Hope and Healing   (prayer, Jul 09)

’57 Chevy   (poem, Jul 09)

Before   (poem, Jul 09)

Nuptials   (poem, Jun 09)

Lower East Side   (poem, Jun 09)

Meeting Mrs Ping   (poem, May 09)

The Ice Storm   (poem, May 09)

A Window in Brattleboro   (poem, May 09)

Holiness   (poem, Sep 08)

In Paradise   (poem, Jul 08)

In Play: Three Candidates Visit New Hampshire, 2008   (political reportage, May 08)

Our Wake   (poem, Jul 07)

Sarah Micklem: Getting Past “Fantasy”   (introduction, Jun 07)

Honoring the Life of Lorraine Fleming   (eulogy, Apr 07)

La Belle Dame avec Merci   (poem, Feb 07)

The Del Ray Method   (fiction, Jan 05)

dead ant in the salt shaker   (poem, Oct 04)

His Tools   (poem, Oct 04)

Dick Cheney and the Values of Wyoming   (essay, Sep 04)

London   (poem, Jun 04)

The Del Ray Method: bonus track   (fiction, Oct 03)

The DMAT   (fiction, Sep 03)

Celebrating the Life of Paul William Fleming   (eulogy, Jun 03)

Rookie   (poem, Jun 02)

666 (Diddy Dundee)   (lyric, Feb 02)

W’s Rough Draft   (unauthorized release of unauthenticated material, Sep 01)

One Perfect Day in New York   (poem, May 01)

My Favorite Ex-neighbor   (poem, Apr 01)

Murder    (poem, Mar 01)

History    (poem, Jan 01)

The Election of 2000  Our Ladder to the Twenty-First Century   (words, Nov 00)

One Step for Life, by Paul William Fleming   (recollection, Jul 00)

The Photography Teacher’s First Class   (poem, Mar 00)

Virginia   (poem, Apr 99)

The Polly Song   (fiction, Jan 99)

Just in Time: The Collapse of Sequence in a Moment of Peril   (memoir, Dec 98)

afwats revisited   (gibberish, Dec 98)

Ghostly Gladness: The Soul Music of Richard Rolle, Fourteenth Century Mystic    (biography, Dec 98)

Myself That I Remake: Spiritual Renewal in the Life and Works of W. B. Yeats   (biography, Nov 98)

to a documentary filmmaker   (poem, Oct 98)

a blessing for Maia Thulé   (poem, Oct 98)

O Window In the Dark: The Early Career of Vladimir Nabokov   (biography, Oct 98)

Apprentice   (poem, Oct 98)

The House of Dreams and Poppies   (poem, Sept 98)

Dramatist and Player   (poem, Aug 98)

Please stay tuned for new installments of The Del Ray Method, new poetry, and even a few songs and photos, if I ever get around to it.


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