The Del Ray Method

billy at large


tonight we gonna rock o yeah

yay unless e ben forgets the mike & messes up somehow boo as is his wont boo boo — o no we gonna rock all night we gonna rock all right — tonight at last & for the first time on any stage c71 yay featuring geetarman del mcdel & bassman dave mcdave & the inimitable illimitable indomitable drummerman billy mcbilly on boppers & bangers & bashers & bonkers yay rock on

whoa this is getting real am I stoked or what — set & setting — now is the time & here is the place & everything so clear clear clear clearclear clearclearclear into the clear & into the misto — mister misto acidbase & ever-so-clear & every edge a membrane every surface a membrane & every membrane breathing — everything uniquely miraculously screamingly itself — everything ineluctably inextricably unfigureoutably connected to every other thing & all this is good & all this is god & this is my prayer & this is my song — I will sing I will dance I will kick you in the pants — all the angels loose & all the devils too — perfectly dealwithable if you just see see seeseeseesee

see colors live colors love colors breathe colors sky colors lucy in the sky colors psychedelic shack thats where its at colors ess tee pee the razors edge colors good colors god colors bats in my belfry colors bells in my battery colors C(A)L(I)FORNIA F(AR)ME(R) colors girl with kaleidoscope eye colors

the point is colors — so mister e ben stick that in yer book & read it mystery ben — the real del ray method by otto deidackt — ya blew that one man ya doodly dude & heres a bug up yer ass an a bee in yer bonnet an ant in yer pant an a pea in yer pot

behold the magic apple seed — squozen just so — pow! — behold the fullblown eversion of the sphere ladies & gents a perfect granny smith right now before yer third eye — the fourth dimension o yeah — take a bow granny — pod probleme

well well well weekly woiled woos in the dumper — astonished scientists reveal world war two bomber found on moon — geniuses those guys — guess the chron missed the story — weatherman sez high chance of seismic boombooms with widely shattered windowglass throughout the financial district

the sky will rain with windowpane

verbalcain herbalcaen: . . . tongues still a-wagging at a certain high-profile downtown consulting firm, seems one young hotshot came a cropper on jeopardy down in lalaland and brought back heap bad medicine . . . innuendo & out the other . . . cant say enough for the fleet funky fabulous furry freaky flying bikemen of eastern onion, tie-dye staff shirts among the tidy stuffed shirts downtown, huzzah huzzah . . . cite em on the j church: sez seated yuppy from justsaynoe valley to woman boarding car, are you fat or are you pregnant? cause if youre pregnant you can have my seat . . . the good lady coolly declined to discuss her reproductive status, no missing manners for this creepo . . . howza weather in dontcallitfrisco? fog if I know . . . just say nope to dope, says betsy in berkeley . . . that ad with the two dalmations: dont just clean us, coit us . . . bumper stickers & bicker stumpers: I HEART MY HERB, I CLUB MY DRUMS, I SPADE MY DOG, DA DIAMOND RUGS . . . tender loins in the tenderloin: blaze cinders & her more o vagine allnude revue . . . you didnt believe my whopper about bangkok, didja? oh well, my pen lie . . . q: do you like kipling? a: dont know, never kipled, but theres definitely something evil in waugh (litry talk, thanx to dr richard head of mango park) . . . market street sightem: ouspenskys tennis ball trick, turned fuzzy side in & yet unbroken, performed live by captain rivers of the mighty messenger corps, step right this way if you pliz . . . cryptocruciverbalists wanna know, whats that rodent doing the mars shuffle? . . . gotta see em: out of the can & into your heart c71 live at dickies tonight yay be there aloha oe

nuf mit daily fishwrap — gotta roll — san francisco class cruiser — full speed ahead mr captain — market street towers of yellow & green flowering over my head — all that glass up there bad i-dee — can just hear the oldfutzers — you tadpoles aint seen nuttin like the big un in aught six yup yup if youd of seen that you wouldnt be puttin up none o these here skyscratchers nosireebob when these babies go down itll be worse than aught six thats for damn tootin

the skies will rain with windowpanes & fill the streets with fractured fractals

back again bike again bingity bong — everyone smiles as I zip past the towers that grow so incredibly high — o I know her thats e bens friend whatshername luella the girl with colitis goes by — not so bad looking course no beauty like betsy or mi chiquita bonita — paga atención pal-o-meano traffics bad the bastards never look for bikes — Im flying now so I sing the flying mans frying pan tune

windowpane running all around my brain — bats in the belfry but clear as a bell — some they drive crazy & some they drive sane — home games in heaven away games in hell — bats in my belfry but clear as a bell — all of my angels all of my devils — home games in heaven away games in hell — infinite fractals multiple levels — all of my angels all of my devils — some they go crazy & some they go sane — multiple fractals infinite levels — windowpane running round & round my brain


whoa whats wrong with this picture — holy shit he jumped the light — doesnt see me not gonna stop battle stations battle stations may day maydaymaydaymay

ich bin gefuckt

game over



© Michael Fleming

New York, New York

October 2003


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