articles, introductions, and reminiscences

Sam Ross: How It Feels  An Introduction

Baron Wormser, Poet as Novelist  An Introduction

Wyn Cooper, Poetry without Maps  An Introduction

Jill Bialosky, Literary Utility Infielder  An Introduction

Baron Wormser, Twice  A Pair of Introductions

Eliani Torres, Eroticist  An Introduction

Under the Microscope  Three Candidates Visit New Hampshire

Sarah Micklem: Getting Past “Fantasy”  An Introduction

Dick Cheney and the Values of Wyoming  Some Questions for the Vice President

The Election of 2000  Our Ladder to the Twenty-First Century

One Step for Life  A Miraculous Deliverance, by Paul W. Fleming

America through Foreign Eyes  How We Look to Them

In America, They Cut Your Head Off  Among the Hmong

Just in Time  The Collapse of Sequence into a Moment of Peril


scholarly works

O Window In the Dark  The Early Career of Vladimir Nabokov

Myself That I Remake  Spiritual Renewal in the Life and Works of William Butler Yeats

Ghostly Gladness  The Soul Music of Richard Rolle, Fourteenth Century Mystic


essays and assignments for college writing students

You Are a Writer  Introduction to college writing

Writing Writing  Writing for scientists and mathematicians

Telling Your Own Story  Some suggestions concerning your autobiography

Getting to the Heart of the Matter  Some suggested topics for an essay on a moral or political issue

Writing about Writing  Some suggestions concerning the “literary criticism” essay

Becoming Literate  Some suggestions for writing about literacy

Eye to Eye with the Blind Bard  Some suggestions for writing about Homer’s Odyssey

How to Read Rolle’s Lyrics   Suggestions for reading medieval poetry . . . or any poetry

Technology: Friend or Foe?  Some suggestions for writing about Robert M. Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Rhythm, Tone, & Flow  The three key elements of a writer’s style

Who Is the Grader?  Reflections on college grades and grading

“A” Is for Rhino  More reflections on college grading


essays on death and dying

To Look Without Blinking  An application for volunteer work with the Zen Hospice Project

We’re All Living, We’re All Dying  A speech at the Laguna Honda Hospital Volunteers Luncheon, 1994

The Moment  A speech at the Laguna Honda Hospital Volunteers Luncheon, 1996

Choosing to Be Here  A speech at the Laguna Honda Hospital Volunteers Luncheon, 1997

That Smell  A speech at the Laguna Honda Hospital Volunteers Luncheon, 1998


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